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Webinar on confronting online Rumors and Hate Speech


Webinar on how to confront rumors and hate speech on social media

Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan provided a webinar opportunity for the discussion, raising awareness and training of senior journalists, academics, and civil society activists on how to confront rumors and hate speech on social media and what needs to be done. It is worthy to mention that more than 50 respected journalist participated in this webinar and from all the different cities of Iraq. Great ideas were discussed and our organization is looking forward to do more fabulous works on these issues. We agreed that the following needs to be done and why Journalists need to be able to explore how to:

Distinguish between dis-, mis- and malinformation, surrounding the COVID-19 crisis;

Recognise the problematic nature that amplification of dis-, mis-, and malinformation can have, and how quickly false information can be spread, especially on social media;

Verify images and videos, practising using the tools provided;

Take steps to help adjust thier work practices,

Collaborate with other journalistic networks and protect thier own mental health during a difficult time period,

As well as use social listening tools in order to improve thier news gathering and monitoring techniques;

Debunk false stories using credibility, logic and emotion.