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IMOK participates at International Summit On Domestic/Family Violence During the COVID-19 Era


Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan/Iraq (IMOK) will participate in "International Summit On Domestic/Family Violence During the COVID-19 Era"
IMOK will present a video titled "The Impact of Covid-19 on Internally Displaced People in Iraq"
Our organization is one of the organizing group of this International Summit. A Working Group of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice @UNHQ
The International Summit will take place on November 18 – 20, 2020

As the incidence of COVID-19 has surged throughout the world, almost all countries have imposed lockdown measures as the primary protection against the virus. Strict sheltering-in-place practices, however, also mean that the most vulnerable—women, older persons, persons grappling with sexual orientation and gender identity, persons with disability and/or chronic illness, children and youth, refugees and migrants who can barely socially distance—are more defenseless than ever.

Unable to flee or seek help, they are cut off from their usual sources of support. They cannot alert family members, friends, neighbors, schools, places of worship, or other community resources. Indeed, reports of a significant rise in the numbers of individuals exposed to domestic/family violence during COVID-19 era around the world are alarming.

The situation of vulnerable groups is so grave that the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has appealed to governments to prevent the “horrifying global surge in domestic violence” that is occurring amid lockdown.

The Summit will provide a platform for:

victims/survivors of domestic/family violence to share their experiences and concerns;
experts to present comparative worldwide findings;
program leaders and caregivers to share best practices in responding to, treating, and preventing domestic/family violence;
governments and policymakers to share effective policies.
A key goal of the Summit is to re-energize the commitment of all stakeholders, including individuals, families, community institutions, such as faith-based, educational, media, cultural and other organizations, and governments on local, national, regional and international levels for a world free of domestic/family and all other forms of violence. The Summit will be recorded and live-streamed on social media.

Join us for 3 days of deepened insight, exploration of solutions,
and collective action.

For the program please click on this link https://allianceeventhub.org/program/ 
To learn more about the Working Group click on this link https://allianceeventhub.org/about/#wg/